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Allegheny County Health Department
Pittsburgh, PA, United States (on-site)
30+ days ago
Allegheny County Health Department
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (on-site)
30+ days ago


Position Summary:

This position provides highly responsible, professional, supervisory, and administrative work assisting the Public Health Laboratory Director in directing a public health laboratory.

The employee in this class assists the Public Health Laboratory Director in planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the work of the Public Health Laboratory staff. The employee develops, maintains, and oversees highly specialized, technical, and innovative test systems including systems supporting bioterrorism and pandemic emergency response investigations and influenza surveillance programs. The employee ensures that the laboratory complies with state and federal laboratory testing regulations. The work involves assisting the Public Health Laboratory Director in developing and implementing policies and procedures, training staff, and monitoring staff performance. Work is performed under the direction of the Public Health Laboratory Director and is subject to review for compliance with departmental and Public Health Laboratory policies and procedures and for meeting performance goals and objectives


  • Assists the Laboratory Director in the operation and administration of the Public Health Laboratory System including the support, maintenance, and enhancement of laboratory testing services.
  • Maintains and oversees the Public Health Laboratory’s Select Agents Program with CDC including the maintenance and operation of a BSL-3 laboratory, maintenance of the building automation system, and maintenance of the building security system.
  • Opens and oversees a Laboratory Response Network B (LRN-B) Reference Laboratory to support bioterrorism response.
  • Opens and oversees a World Health Organization (WHO) Influenza Collaborating Laboratory to support local, national, and international influenza surveillance.
  • Develops and maintains rapid, high-capacity testing systems and laboratory readiness for emergency activation to support investigations and control of pandemics caused by presently known and unknown pathogens.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of whole genome sequencing systems to support pathogen tracing in bioterrorism events, pandemic investigations, influenza surveillance, and outbreak investigations of foodborne, waterborne, and bloodborne illnesses of public health importance.
  • In support of bioterrorism and pandemic investigations and control efforts, develops and maintains multiple testing platforms to provide low-, moderate-, and high-test volumes and minimize disruption of testing services from supply chain problems.
  • Designs and monitors studies to validate testing systems authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Designs and monitors bridging studies to verify the performance of modifications of testing systems authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of laboratory developed tests (LDTs) to support investigations of bioterrorism, pandemics, outbreak investigations, and provision of critical public health laboratory testing services.
  • Designs and monitors studies for emergency use of a test system and develops materials for consideration by the laboratory director to request that the FDA issue an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the test system.
  • Prepares and/or participates in preparing grant proposals.
  • Prepares or directs the preparation of budgets and expenditure control procedures.
  • Participates in health department and community activities to support the mission of the Allegheny County Health Department Public Health Laboratory.
  • Coordinates, trains, and evaluates competencies of staff.
  • Ensures compliance with requirements of state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Supervises technical and administrative staff to ensure competency, safe work practices, and accurate and efficient reporting of test results.
  • Collaborate with health department information technology specialists in configuring LIMS to provide efficient laboratory data entry and test reporting processes.
  • Collaborate with managers and supervisors in scheduling administrative and technical staff to meet developmental and service needs.
  • Participates in the performance of subordinates’ work consistent with operational and organizational requirements.
  • Responds to emergencies as needed.
  • Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of principles, practices, current developments for operating a biosafety level 3 (BSL3) laboratory.
  • Knowledge of high-capacity nucleic acid extraction systems and automated, high-capacity liquid dispensing systems for PCR setup.
  • Knowledge and skill to operate whole genome nucleic acid sequencing systems.
  • Knowledge, ability, and skill to design and conduct verification studies of FDA approved test systems and test systems authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use.
  • Knowledge, ability, and skill to design, conduct, and implement laboratory-developed tests (LDTs).
  • Knowledge, ability, and skill to conduct risk of assessments of laboratory test systems.
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices, current developments, and problems in bacteriology, serology, toxicology, and virology as applicable to the operation and management of a public health laboratory.
  • Knowledge of current literature and research developments in the field of public health laboratory testing.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public health laboratory administration and the effective methods of administration and instruction as applied to the work of professional and technical staff.
  • Knowledge of the federal, state, and local agencies, resources, laws, regulations, and procedures which affect the operation of a public health laboratory.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of effective supervision and management.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of the microbiology, serology, toxicology, and statistics.

Ability to:

  • Ability to plan and organize the work of a professional, technical, and clerical staff engaged in the conduct of public health laboratory service and testing activities.
  • Ability to supervise public health laboratory managers, supervisors, microbiologists, technicians and other staff.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment in making decisions.
  • Ability to statistically analyze public health laboratory data and understand the implications of such data.
  • Ability to use laboratory equipment in the evaluation and interpretation of tests and reports presenting unusual problems in diagnosis and involving important and responsible medical decisions.
  • Ability to write scientific papers, reports, and standard operating procedures.
  • Ability to give oral presentations of research findings, service assessments, budget reviews, etc.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, associates, state laboratory officials, and federal program officials.
  • Ability to respond to emergencies.
  • Ability to wear a respirator (N95, N100, PAPR) and pass medical evaluation and fit testing for approval to use respirators.
  • Ability to drive an automobile and have a personal automobile in traveling to different sites; ability to take public transportation as directed.
  • Ability to occasionally lift items weighing up to 35 lbs. and to move a 6-foot ladder, and laboratory equipment on wheels including refrigerators, freezers, vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer etc.
  • Ability to make minor repairs and corrections using common tools including screw drivers, chalking device, utility knife, etc.


Minimum Requirements:

Ph.D. or Sc.D. in microbiology from an accredited college or university


Active certification in medical and public health microbiology by The American Board of Medical Microbiology (ABMM).


Pre-Employment Proficiency Exam

Computer Literacy Exam – Measures basic computer skills, basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Outlook, and typing. Non-ACHD applicants must pass a computer literacy examination administered by the Allegheny County Health Department with a score of 75% or higher.

Disclaimer: Per eskill, exams must be taken on either a PC or Android Device

Education & School Transcripts

If you are claiming education to meet minimum requirements or as a part of your application, including supplemental questions, you must submit or attach a copy of your official college transcripts for your claim to be accepted. Unofficial Transcripts will not be accepted. 

Condition of Employment

It is the policy of Allegheny County that in order to receive a final offer of employment, candidates for positions within the executive branch must provide proof of a Covid-19 vaccination. The prospective employee will need to be fully vaccinated or have at least one shot of a two-shot series before beginning work. Any employee who does not receive and provide proof of the second shot within 30 days will have their probationary employment terminated. Allegheny County will allow for medical and religious exemptions from the requirements in accordance with state and federal law. 

Additionally, it is the policy of Allegheny County that in order to receive a final offer of employment, candidates must successfully pass a background check, which includes verification of Allegheny County Real Estate Tax status, and drug/medical examinations as required for the position. The pre-employment drug screen must be completed within 48 hours of the acceptance of the conditional offer of employment.

Employment Type

Full-Time, Mid-Senior Level.

This position is contingent upon grant funding.

Relevant Experience

You will receive a score based on the experience you report on your application for employment. It is therefore important that you provide complete and accurate information. Failure to do so may delay the processing of your application or result in a lower than deserved score or disqualification. Call our Office of Human Resource Management if you have any questions.

Who is Eligible

Applications will be accepted from certified Merit System employees of the Allegheny County Health Department and outside candidates who possess the experience and training listed in this announcement and who are capable of performing the duties of this position.


  • Education and Experience - 60%
  • Relevant Experience - 15%
  • Supplemental Questions - 25%

Supplemental Questions

Please be prepared to answer the following questions. You may upload as a Word document answers to the supplemental questions in the “Upload Page” of the application. Make sure to note “See attached” after the statement on the application form if you are attaching a separate document. If you are unable to upload the document, email to ACHD Human Resources Department.

  1. Have you served as a Responsible Official or Alternate Responsible Official with a Select Agents Program approved by CDC? If so, how many years did you serve in each of these positions?
  2. Have you worked in a Laboratory Response Network B Reference (LRN-B) Laboratory approved by CDC? If so how many years did you work in this laboratory and what were your responsibilities?
  3. Have you worked in a World Health Organization (WHO) Influenza Collaborating Laboratory? If so how many years did you work in this laboratory and what were your responsibilities?
  4. What experience do you have in developing and maintaining rapid, high-capacity molecular testing systems for detecting emerging pathogens including SARS Coronavirus 2?
  5. What experience do you have in sequencing pathogens of public health importance including SARS Coronavirus 2?

Allegheny County Civil Service Employees (Non-ACHD)

Regular or probationary employees of County Departments currently in this classification, hired under a State Civil Service System, who apply for this position will not be considered as Open Competitive applicants. Those employees selected for transfer to the Allegheny County Health Department will be considered to have resigned their Civil Service status from the Department in which they are currently working and will be required to complete a probationary period with the Health Department.

Please refer to Instruction Sheet for proper completion of Allegheny County Employment Application Form.

This announcement may be modified, amended or canceled by the Allegheny County Health Department at any time.


To establish open competitive and promotional eligible lists for use in making merit system appointments in the Allegheny County Health Department. The list will contain the names of successful candidates ranked in the order of final earned ratings. The list will be in effect for one (1) year unless previously exhausted or superseded.

In the ranking, open competitive applicants qualifying for Veteran’s Preference receive an additional ten points on the final earned rating. Form DD-214 must be attached to the application form for consideration for Veteran’s Preference. Determination of Veteran’s Preference is made in accordance with State Civil Service Policy.

If you are claiming veteran's preference, then proof of eligibility; DD-214 Form or other comparable military document must be submitted for initial claim. The document must show dates of entry and separation and character of service.

Credit for a degree or college coursework can only be accepted from an official transcript submitted directly from the college or university to Allegheny C0unty Health Department.

Reasonable Accommodations Statement

To accomplish this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, each essential function satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to help enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Residency: Allegheny County within 1 year.
Veterans' Preference: Will be awarded to eligible candidates.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 67989737
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Allegheny County Health Department
  • Position Title: Public Health Assistant CLIA Lab Director
  • Industry: Government (Federal, State, or Local)
  • Job Function: Biosafety,
    Diagnostics & Testing,
    Quality Control & Assurance (QC/QA),
    Regulatory Science,
    Science Outreach,
    Science Policy
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Min Education: Ph.D.
  • Min Experience: None
  • Required Travel: 0-10%
  • Salary: $75,000.00 - $80,266.00 (Yearly Salary)

Please refer to the company's website or job descriptions to learn more about them.

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